For those of you who read my previous blog post, you may already know that I find it difficult to undertake a project without having some idea of its purpose, and how it aligns with my priorities. As a result, you may be wondering exactly how my blog fits into that schema.

It all starts with the fact that I like to write. I’ve found that when I write out my ideas, I’m able to process them on a whole new level than if I were to just continue thinking about them, or even if I were to talk through them.

In fact, there have been times when I’ve gotten up from writing a blog post and come away knowing 5x as much (not even a drop of hyperbole in that statement, I’m “dead serious” 😉 ) as I did when I initially sat down to write. Writing is not merely an outlet, it brings a mental clarity that I have been hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Still, this doesn’t explain why I’ve decided to allow this rather idiosyncratic (what a fun adjective) collection of words to float around the vast realm of the interwebz…

One reason for the creation of this blog, is my hope that the process of continually creating content that is (at least somewhat) fit for public consumption will improve my writing. However, this is not the sole purpose of my blog.

On the contrary, I am much more compelled by the possibility that one day, in one form or another, my writing will benefit or amuse another. How? Well, while I’m not 100% certain what that will look like, I do have a vague idea of the blog’s future trajectory….

In essence, my goal is to produce content from the perspective of a Christian university student, meaning that while not every post will be faith-focused, my faith will be reflected in each post. As far as subject matter, y’all can expect to find posts about psychology, mental health/wellness, tips for academic success, general life lessons, and of course, faith, all written in the trademark quirky manner of yours truly.

However, the potential of achieving all of these possibilities will be greatly reduced if I continue my current output consistency of once a month. Hopefully, sharing this will help me to stick to my new goal of posting at least once a week.

Let the adventure begin….

Verity Bellerose